Our Values:

As an international brand that promotes the global presence in the oil and gas industry, PetroVietnam Oil DMCC is dedicated to providing a diverse, accepting and supportive environment that holds all of its members to the highest standards of conduct, integrity, diverse workforce, engagement, continuous improvement, healthy and productive work environment for employees.

Through a commitment to these values, we strive to maximize individual and organizational potential and position Petrovietname Oil DMCC as a leader in the region and beyond. As employees and vital part of our organization, we are committed to upholding these shared values:

Accountability – – We promote behaviours, attitudes and practices where individuals take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Model Leadership – – We lead by example and advocate equal treatment in our behaviours, policies and practices.

Respect and Civility – – We encourage an environment in which every individual is treated with respect at all times by valuing the inherent worth of all identities, differences and potential of our employees.

Integrity, Trust and Honesty – We take pride in our commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes candour, equity and trust.

Teamwork – We recognize and encourage the diversity of thoughts, backgrounds and experiences and honor participation and partnership in all of our ventures.

Innovation and Employee Development - We foster creativity and passion about risktaking that supports continuous improvement and supports the potential of every individual in promoting Petrovietname Oil DMCC as a leading organization.

Quality Results – We trust those we do business with deserve excellent service, a productive environment and exceptional quality.

We strive to live by these values and work continuously to support our collective and individual accomplishments.

At Petrovietname Oil DMCC we practice the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action, where diversity and inclusion are needed for a healthy competitive business. It is our mission to reflect the values of UAE in the spirit of the union and to promote the vision of our leaders on the path to success.